Litigation of civil cases – If you are owed money damages from another party, you can hire Kreamer Arney Wait & Bottaro, L.C. to bring a civil action. Civil cases are also appropriate to compel another party to do something that they were supposed to do, or to stop them from doing something that they should not be doing. Personal injury cases are an example of civil litigation where our attorneys fight for full compensation when you or your loved ones have suffered a personal injury due to another’s negligence. Many civil cases are settled out of court. We are experienced civil litigators and advise you realistically about your chances of prevailing against your adversary. Documents and evidence about your case are reviewed during pre-trial discovery. Settlement may be advisable in some situations. When necessary, our attorneys advise not to settle and then take your case to trial.

Litigation of commercial cases – Lawsuits are an inevitable part of doing business and happen to the best-run businesses. It is important to have excellent legal representation from a firm of the caliber of Kreamer Arney Wait & Bottaro, L.C. We provide quality representation to organizations and corporations in the areas of civil and commercial litigation. Our attorneys realize what your business means to you and the hard work involved making it succeed. We vigorously defend you if a lawsuit is filed against you or your business. We advise of all options if you need to file a lawsuit against another party.

Fighting for your company’s rights – The litigation matters handled by our firm include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary responsibility
  • Business litigation
  • Business torts
  • Business dissolution disputes
  • Commercial litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Debt collection
  • Employment law
  • Insurance defense
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Professional liability litigation
  • Real estate disputes
  • Shareholder litigation
  • Transportation litigation
  • Violation of non-compete agreements

Cost-effective representation – Our attorneys are skilled litigators who are always ready to try cases. However, sometimes there are more cost-effective ways such as mediation and arbitration to resolve disputes. These alternative methods of resolving a case greatly reduce legal bills compared to a case that is litigated in a courtroom. We advise our clients when it makes more sense to avoid formal courtroom litigation.


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